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        Welcome: ShenZhen MaiTeng Security Seals Factory
        Language: Chinese ∷  English

        plastic seal

        • plastic seal MT-300mm
        • plastic seal MT-300mm
        • plastic seal MT-300mm
        plastic seal MT-300mmplastic seal MT-300mmplastic seal MT-300mm

        plastic seal MT-300mm

        • Product ID:MT-300mm
        • LEGHT: 300MM
        • Product description: pull tight plastic seal mtseal is an ISO 9001 and ISO 17712 security seals manufacturer from China, supplying container seal, bolt seal, cable seal, plastic seal, meter seal, metal seal, barcode seal,
        • INQUIRY
        product productProduct Features

        -  All plastic pull tight plastic seal, easy for recycling

        -  Materials: PP

        -  Designed with large marking area

        -  Total length: 305mm, flag size: 45 mm X 28 mm

        -  Node tail with size in 260 mm X 3.8 mm, operational length in 235mm

        -  Average tensile strength: 160N

        Main Applications

        -  In-flight Service Equipment, ATM cassettes, cash boxes, etc.

        Customization Options

        -  Customer’s name, sequential number

        -  Barcode (laser)

        -  Variety of colors (yellow, white, red…)

        -  Similar item in total length of 250mm available: MT- NIPS250

        -  Similar item in total length of 405mm available: MT- NIPS400

        -  Similar item in total length of 500mm available: MT-NIPS 500



        -  Standard Packaging: 10 pieces / mat - 2500 pieces/carton

        -  Carton Dimensions: 23.62" X 12.99" X 11.02" (60cm X 33cm X 28cm)

        - Carton Weight: Gross: 10.5 kg / Net: 10.0 kg

        You may know less from the website, why not contact MTSEAL@163.com for more?

        CONTACT US

        Contact: Wilson.Wang

        Phone: 13760187294

        Tel: 0755-25603755

        Email: mtseal@163.com

        Add: No.015 jialongyuan,keji road,longgang,shenzhen City,Guangdong Province,China

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